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Learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3 & JS and start building & editing your Website.

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Take away Skills
HTML CSS JavaScript

Time to Complete

30 Hours



Why Learn HTML / CSS / JS?

HTML is the foundation of all web pages. Without HTML, you wouldn’t be able to organize text or add images or videos to your web pages. HTML is the beginning of everything you need to know to create engaging web pages!

Without CSS, every web page would be drab plain text and images that flowed straight down the page. With CSS, you can add color and background images and change the layout of your page — your web pages can feel like works of art!

JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web. It powers the dynamic behavior on most websites, including this one.

Take-Away Skills

You will learn all the common HTML tags used to structure HTML pages, the skeleton of all websites. You will also be able to create HTML tables to present tabular data efficiently.

You’ll be able to set up the correct file structure, edit text and colors, and create attractive layouts. With these skills, you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your web pages to suit your every need!

You will learn programming fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. The concepts covered in these lessons lay the foundation for using JavaScript in any environment.

Note on Prerequisites:


What will you learn?
1.1 Element And Structure

Learn about HTML elements and structure, the building blocks of websites.

1.2 Tables

Learn all the syntax you need to create tables in your HTML documents.

1.3 Forms

Take this course and learn about the inner workings of an HTML form! Learn how to create your own form and integrate HTML5 validations.

1.4 Semantic HTML

Write clearer, more accessible HTML using Semantic HTML tags.

2.1 Selectors

In this course, you will learn how to style individual and groups of elements using various visual CSS rules.

2.2 Box Model

In this course, you will learn how to use the Box Model to position HTML elements on your web page.

2.3 Positioning

In this course, you will learn CSS rules for displaying and positioning elements on your web page.

2.4 Grid

In this course, you will master a technology that was recently added to CSS! This is a long-awaited improvement to laying-out and positioning elements on web pages.

3.1 Introduction

In this course, you will learn about JavaScript data types, built-in methods, and variables.

3.2 Conditions

Learn how to use if, else if, else, switch, and ternary syntax to control the flow of a program in JavaScript.

3.3 Arrays

In this course, you will learn about arrays, a data structure in JavaScript used to store lists of data.

3.4 Loops

In this course, you will learn how to use for and while loops to execute blocks of code multiple times.

3.5 Functions

Learn about JavaScript function syntax, passing data to functions, the return keyword, ES6 arrow functions, and concise body syntax.

3.6 Objects

Learn about JavaScript ES6 object syntax to model real-world items.


Mohammed Hamdan

- A month ago

 I will definitely recommend this course to any beginner web developer or anyone who just want to build solid basic web development understanding 

Tanmay Bhatia, 13

- A week ago

 Truly wonderful course. This was a great example of how online learning can be achieved at a high level. Thanks to all the contributors for putting together such a well structured, simple to follow course. Thanks, I am sure I will be coming back to the contents over again as I try to become a better webdeveloper! 

Divay Nagar

- 2 weeks ago

 I really enjoyed honing my coding skills and designing amazing websites. I'll highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking out to make a career in web development