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Robotics & Automation

Develop a strong sense of electronic hardware, get In-depth knowledge of microcontrollers, indirectly enhance your programming skills, and get hands-on practice on real-world applications.

The course consists of 3 categories :

Embedded systems
Internet of things
Advanced embedded systems.

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Web Development

Develop professional-level websites/portals, understand how the web engine works, get comfortable with Javascript for both Frontend as well as backend use-cases.

The course consists of :


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App Development

Get extensive coverage of end to end mobile app development, hands-on experience through the Project-Based Learning Approach, Deploy your applications on app stores.

The course consists of 4 categories :

Andriod Apps
IOS Apps
Web Apps
Hybrid App

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Film & Animation

Get exposure to various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphics designing, cartoons, and games. Create your animated visuals and high-quality VFX for games, movies, and television shows.

The course consists of :

Video Editing
Live Streaming Designing

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Graphic Designing

Learn to apply the principles and elements of design in product branding and advertising. Get hands-on graphic design training on all popular applications.

The course consists of :

Image Manipulation
Vector Graphics
Print Desinging

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Eleqtrasoft offers a lot of services and is greatly dedicated towards client satisfaction.

Training camps

Eleqtarsoft organize training camps in schools, On-Site training in colleges and universities and corporate training.


Eleqtarsoft provide 3 days/1-week short term workshops in your premises.

ATL set-up in schools

ATL is a govt. of India initiative for schools, we help schools to set it up and utilize the grant to its full potential.

Electronics Components

Eleqtarsoft provide electronic kits and lab manuals to set up practical labs at your premise. We also provide you with lifetime assistance with the operations of the apparatus.

Product Development

Our team of experts brings to you the state-of-the-art designs and modern-day technologies and methodologies. Whether your requirements are of a simple design or a complex one, Eleqtarsoft can address your specific needs.


Hear from hundreds of happy students, their guardians, and clients that we have served.

Rahul Yadav's Father

Mr. Dharmesh Singh

 I see my child spending his time working with software instead of playing PubG all the time. I’m happy to see this change in my child. He even completes his school assignments so that he could get more time with the computer. I thank Eleqtrasoft's faculty for this. 

Aman Prasad Mother

Mrs. Aruna Prasad

 My child showed me the website she had made in school. I was surprised to see that my girl is making websites at such a young age. I thank Eleqtrasoft for this. 

Ayush Kumar father

Mr. Paramjeet Singh

 I see my child controlling motors, twisting wires, making a functioning project out of what was simply loose components an hour before. I’m really happy to see him building and playing with his own little projects at this time of his life when he is supposed to play with store bought toys. 

Graphic Design

Vishal Singh,14

 Eleqtrasoft’s staff is really nice. The faculty is very experienced and friendly, the teaching methods are very good, they provide a really good learning experience to students. 

Robotics & Automation

Gaurav Sengar,13

 Faculty is nice. The learning material provide with software & hardware kit is really good and the fee also here is very efficient compared to the other such institutes. 

Web Development

Tanmay Bhatia, 13

 We got to build our own projects. It was a wonderful experience. I’m really happy to build my own website and app, thanks to Eleqtrasoft’s teaching faculty. 

Web Site App Comany

WAC Team

 People at Eleqtrasoft are highly skilled and really co-operative. We had a really great experience working with them. They even delivered way before the deadline. 

Circuit Uncle

Mr. Himanshu Chandana

 At the time of ordering we were assured quality and timely delivery of all the components and they made sure that they don’t let us down. The delivery was fast, components were all in good shape and functioning. Order all your electronic components in bulk from them they will offer you great offers. 

Sell buy book

Mr. Vasu

 Doing business with Eleqtrasoft has been a really good experience for us. The Eleqtrasoft team makes sure that you don’t get a chance to complain. The people there are highly-skilled and co- operative. We are really happy with our website and app. 

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